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City Skyline Landscape at Night

Start the New Year Off Right by Turning Out Your Lights

Did you know that birds are still susceptible to window collisions at night? Research has shown that artificial lights interfere with seasonal bird behaviours such as breeding, nesting, and migration rituals.

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Northern Parula perched on a branch

What Happens When Birds Collide with Windows?

We've collected information from our conservation partner FLAP Canada, and additional resources, to help you understand not only what happens when birds collide with windows, but also what you can do to help prevent future bird collisions at home and in your community.

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Salthaven logo

Ambassador Feature: Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Centre

In addition to providing excellent resources for civilians and animal lovers, Salthaven is a well-known rehabilitation centre that is committed to rescuing and rehabilitating injured, sick and orphaned animals. Learn about how the team at Salthaven used Feather Friendly® bird deterrent markers to prevent bird-building collisions at their wildlife rehabilitation centre!

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Canada and US flags displayed on a desk

A Beginner's Guide to Bird-Friendly Legislation in North America

In last month's blog post, we discussed which North American cities posed the greatest threat to birds. Now, we're going to spotlight the various municipal, provincial and federal legislations that have been created to protect migrating and local birds from fatal window collisions.

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Birds migrating

Bird-Friendly Initiatives that are Making Flyways Safer for Migrating Birds

Billons of birds will use flyways across North America to navigate south, or north, depending on the season. Although most birds migrate somewhere between April and September, we can all do our part to make flyways safer for birds year-round.

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Child bird watching with binoculars

Fall in Love with These Bird-Friendly Activities This Autumn

Gather your family and head outdoors to soak in the last few weeks of gorgeous, summer heat, and get acquainted with some of your backyard birds before they begin their Fall migration.

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Marc and Eliana from Birding by Bus with their 1978 VW Bus.

Ambassador Feature: Birding by Bus

If you're looking for some inspiration on how to incorporate bird-friendly practices into your day-to-day routine, read about how one of our amazing ambassadors, Birding by Bus, has spent the summer making their home safe for birds!

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Painted Bunting sitting at bird feeder

Which Birds Are Most Susceptible to Building Collisions?

There are many reasons why birds collide with windows. Although we can attribute seasonal spikes in bird-building collisions to the return of migratory birds, there are many local species that are at-risk year-round.

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