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Pigeon flying near large glass building.

Combatting Window Collisions with Bird-Friendly Solutions

Glass is everywhere. And while there's no denying that glass buildings and structures are attractive to the human eye, our affinity for aesthetics doesn't account for what glass might look like to a bird's eye.

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Child birdwatching with binoculars

Take Your Kids Birdwatching This Summer!

Birdwatching can foster your family's interest in protecting birds against window collisions and get your child involved in future conservation efforts!

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Bird at Feeder

How Feeding the Birds can Supplement Conservation Efforts

In addition to using Feather Friendly® bird deterrent window markers, participating in local bird counts, planting native plans, and supporting bird-friendly bylaws and legislations in your area, feeding the birds is just one way you can supplement your bird conservation efforts.

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Birds being fed by their Mother

Addressing Climate Change Through Bird Conservation

Birds aren't just vulnerable to climate change: Industrial development, natural predators, and natural disasters are some of the many stressors that birds face. Here at Feather Friendly®, we believe that making small changes can help support bird populations, and we can all do our part to protect the birds.

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Feather Friendly® Response to COVID-19

At Feather Friendly®, we are taking all of the necessary steps to ensure the health and safety of our staff, customers and business partners.

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Gray Catbird Sitting on Backyard Bird Bath

How to Make A Bird Safe Backyard This Spring

An astonishing 1 billion birds are killed every year in North America. The cause? Windows. Our skyscrapers and condos might be a sign of our architectural prowess, but our beautiful glass buildings are the second leading cause of death for the birds who share the skies with them.

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Falcon flying past glass buildings in urban area

Supporting Bird Conservation Through Innovation

Since 2004, Feather Friendly® has left its mark on many windows by creating a product that combines user-friendliness with cutting-edge innovation. And we aim to keep it that way: To date, there are approx, 1 million sq ft of Feather Friendly® Bird Deterrent Technology on windows across the world.

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Birds flying through New York City.

New York City’s Bird-Friendly Legislation Marks Long-term Conservation Efforts

Fellow bird-conservationists, experts, enthusiasts, and civilians have reason to rejoice: On December 10, 2019, the New York City Council approved proposed initiative 1482B, enacted to ensure that the city’s administrative and building codes are updated to include bird-friendly materials.

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We are honoured to form partnerships with organizations who demonstrate
an ongoing commitment to bird conservation.

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