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Posted June 17th 2019

North Carolina Zoo keeping their birds safe with Feather Friendly® Commercial Window Markers

We are passionate about helping zoos protect their birds using Feather Friendly® commercial window markers. We especially love getting feedback on how the product is helping. 

Debbie Zombeck, Curator of Birds, at the North Carolina Zoo was kind of enough to provide some feedback on how our product is protecting their birds. 

"This will be used at our Desert Pavilion where we house free flight birds. These markers will prevent our exhibit birds from hitting the glass from the inside and native birds from the outside. We’ve already put these markers up in our Kookaburra exhibit. I’ve attached a photo of the Desert Pavilion so you can see what the building looks like. For the most part, the biggest problem are the side glass panels on the building. Where indoor vegetation blocks the glass panels, we don’t have problems. It is only where the glass panels are wide open. The birds were occasionally flying into the glass panels and doing some minor damage to their bills. Adding the markers has stopped this behavior completely. "

North Carolina Zoo


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