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Posted June 5th 2019

South Korean government continues to reduce bird collisions with Feather Friendly®

The South Korean Ministry of Environment recently called for nationwide efforts to reduce bird deaths from glass collisions, estimating that about 8 million birds are killed in South Korea annually by colliding with transparent windows. Feather Friendly® has been the chosen solution. The project is moving along with a significant decrease in bird collisions reported since the project was started in early 2019. 

Feather Friendly® was developed as a solution to save birds from window collisions approximately twelve years ago and is on its 8th generation. Feather Friendly® headquarters are Toronto, Ontario, Canada which happens to be centred in a migratory bird path and has experienced significant fatalities due to glass buildings. Toronto was the first city in the world to create Safe Building Bylaws in bird conservation and Feather Friendly® helped to establish these new bylaws. In the twelve years, we have sold our solution globally with great success in reducing and eliminating bird collisions. We are proud to be endorsed by leading bird conservation organizations. Visit us at #Education #Conservation #Provensolution: #Featherfriendly

Feather Friendly - Saving Birds in South Korea


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