Supporting Bird Conservation Through Innovation

Posted February 27th 2020

Supporting Bird Conservation Through Innovation

Falcon flying past glass buildings in urban area

Posted February 27th 2020

Supporting Bird Conservation Through Innovation

To date, 2020 has given our Feather Friendly® family much to celebrate, including the celebration of our 15-year anniversary! And as more bird-safe building bylaws are enforced throughout North America, including New York City, we hope that these achievements are just a few of the many bird conservation milestones to come.

And speaking of milestones, we’ve got more fantastic news to share: President of Feather Friendly® and Convenience Group Inc. (CGI), George Turjanica has been recognized by 3M™ for his 46 years of dedication as a lead innovator in window film technology. His decades of excellence were awarded at the 3M™ Window Film Prestige Dealer Conference last month when he was named recipient of the “National Dealer of the Year: Canada” award for 2019. And, let’s not forget, George has also been acknowledged as the longest-standing 3M™ dealer in North America.

George’s award does more than acknowledge the longevity of our sister company, CGI: It illustrates his commitment to innovation which, for Feather Friendly® Bird Deterrent Technology, started over 15 years ago.

Building A Bird-Friendly Legacy

So, how did Feather Friendly® come to be? It started with a meeting between George and Michael Mesure, founder and executive director of Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP). Both men were united by their concern over the increase in bird fatalities, and agreed that something so devastating needed to be addressed immediately. Of course, you’ll notice that both organizations are still committed to protecting birds from fatal window collisions and maintain a strong partnership to this day.

Feather Friendly®, along with other conservationists and wildlife groups, is making strides to protect birds by pointing out the various ways in which man-made landscapes interfere with wildlife. In fact, there are a number of laws and guidelines, for example in New York and Toronto, that have been created to protect bird populations, and to encourage more thoughtful integration of bird-friendly building standards, including the use of Feather Friendly® window film technology.

Our bird deterrent tape is one of many initiatives that businesses, homeowners, and public and private institutions can use to start their conservation journey. The decline of beloved bird species is a shocking symptom of the Anthropocene, and a stark reminder that progress isn’t just about shiny buildings or virtual reality, but about refocusing perspectives. In addition to providing effective solutions for homes and businesses, Feather Friendly® is active in the conservation community: We make a conscious effort to share resources, whether it be educational materials or product features, to provide others with an opportunity to play their own part in supporting bird conservation.

Advocating for bird safety also communicates a need for greater sustainability and ecological awareness, and Feather Friendly® is proud to be a part of a conservation movement that helps citizens rethink what “progress” means.

Let’s Keep Bird Conservation Efforts Thriving!

Even though we can’t rewrite history, we’re optimistic that our bird deterrent window tape can change the way we think about progress! Since 2004, Feather Friendly® has left its mark on many windows by creating a product that combines user-friendliness with cutting-edge innovation. And we aim to keep it that way: To date, there are approximately 1 million sq ft of Feather Friendly® Bird Deterrent Technology on windows across the world.

With threats on bird habitat and the environment increasing, including risk of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 being overruled in the United States, it’s more crucial than ever to keep animals and habitats safe from the short term, and long term effects of urban development. Our glass buildings should help us admire nature, not interfere with it!

With spring migration fast approaching, you can help us celebrate the work of our Feather Friendly® team by taking part in your own bird conservation efforts: Learn more about Feather Friendly® through our website or purchase DIY tape from our online store.

Join us today to help keep the bird populations of tomorrow safe!



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