City of Emeryville, CA, USA

Bird-Safe Building Standards (Mandatory)

This ordinance would be modeled off of the City of Alameda’s Bird-Safe Buildings Ordinance. The City’s staff report indicates that the City of Emeryville would want the ordinance to apply to all buildings that have windowpanes that are approximately 12 square feet or larger. Window treatments should cover at least 90% of façade or freestanding glass.

  • Glass treatment options include: “Screens, nets, patterns, art, translucent glass, grooved glass block, louvres, or photovoltaics following 2x4 rule; with biologist approval, mullions, grates, louvres, overhangs, awnings, recesses, or angled glass.”

  • The City of Emeryville’s staff also expressed a desire to adopt lighting and landscaping recommendations to further reduce bird collisions.
Find the Bird-safe ordinance for Emeryville here