Feather Friendly® is the trusted choice for preventing bird collisions on commercial and residential buildings. Our markers are highly effective in making glass visible to birds and preventing deadly collisions without compromising a building’s aesthetics or views inside and out. Unlike film coverings, Feather Friendly® markers cover only about 8% of the glass, minimizing the visual impact while maximizing the durability and longevity of the treatment.

Our markers are used successfully worldwide in all climates and environments without compromising quality or performance. For more than 15 years, our markers have been installed on over 6 million square feet of glass worldwide, saving important biodiversity for generations to come.

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ABC BirdTape Press Release

Feather Friendly® has partnered with the American Bird Conservancy to manufacture and distribute a brand new solution to prevent window collisions.

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Pro-DIY Press Release

Feather Friendly® develops new Pro-DIY product making it easier than ever to protect birds from glass collisions. 

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Feather Friendly Window Markers make debut in New Zealand

Feather Friendly window markers have made their debut in New Zealand with a large-scale bird collision mitigation project.

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5 Things to Consider for any Bird Collision Mitigation Project

Approximately 1 billion birds are lost in North America due to glass collisions every year. Unfortunately, this number will continue to rise unless we start making urban developments that consider wildlife species. Prevention is vital, as birds that succumb to this issue include healthy breeding pairs, nestlings whose survival depends on parents' care and protection,...

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Since 1970, North America has lost 3 billion birds. While there are many factors that contribute to this loss, reflective and transparent glass collisions are the second leading human-related cause of death for birds. Approximately 1 billion birds die in North America from window collisions each year. Birds cannot perceive glass and often mistake it for a surrounding habitat reflected on the exterior window surface. Birds may also attempt to fly through glass barriers to reach a habitat seen on the other side.

With nearly two-thirds of North American birds at risk of extinction, now more than ever, we are responsible for protecting these vitally essential species. Feather Friendly® Bird Deterrent Technology is a simple solution that makes a significant mark in bird conservation.

Feather Friendly® bird deterrent markers are applied to exterior windows using specialized spacing patterns. The unique formation effectively reduces bird strikes by alerting birds of the window’s presence. Built for both durability and longevity, Feather Friendly® products use cast vinyl to ensure that your window markers are not only effective for many years, but also easy to maintain.


Key Features

Durability and Longevity

Feather Friendly® Bird Deterrent Technology is designed to last in all climates and environments with no special maintenance required. Our carefully curated, premium products have an expected lifespan of 15 plus years.

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Our products are tested and approved by the American Bird Conservancy and recommended by Dr. Daniel Klem and many other organizations. A recent study found Feather Friendly® window markers to reduce bird-window collision risk by 95 percent, (De Groot et al., 2022). All our designs meet or surpass the scientific standards to prevent bird collisions.

The effectiveness of Feather Friendly® window markers has recently been studied in a field-test on glass-walled bus shelters in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The study found that collisions were significantly reduced between 2016 and 2020 at shelters treated with the Feather Friendly® markers even though collisions increased at shelters that remained untreated (Riggs et al., 2022).

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Network of global authorized dealers and applicators

Feather Friendly® has an extensive international list of authorized dealers and applicators.

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Full customization capabilities

In addition to our stock patterns, we do offer fully customizable marker sizes and patterns to accommodate the specific needs of each commercial project. Options include full graphic perforated film, colour shimmer film strips, and Feather Friendly® plus solar film..

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Project recognition program

Feather Friendly’s ® free Project Recognition Program celebrates a client’s commitment to safeguarding birds, bringing attention to this vital conservation issue. Features of the program include a customized educational window graphic for participants to display on their Feather Friendly® treated glass and a unique case study to inform people about the dynamics and importance of the project.

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Research and Development

Feather Friendly® is constantly improving and adapting its products and standards to meet the needs of clients and current scientific research. We work closely with leading bird conservation groups to develop innovative technologies

The Backstory

Our story began in the early 2000s, when FLAP founder Michael Mesure approached Convenience Group Inc. CEO George Turjanica to develop a product that could address the devastating conservation issue of bird building collisions. Some of our initial projects included clients such as the Toronto Zoo and Consilium Place in Ontario. As time went on the need for bird conservation grew, leading Feather Friendly® to become a stand-alone company in 2006. Today Feather Friendly® continues to provide countless solutions- from small to large-scale projects- ships worldwide and has installed over 6 million square ft. of product.

Global Conservation Project Locations

Feather Friendly® is very proud of the global reach our residential and commercial conservation installations have had. Highlighted here are only a few of the countries where Feather Friendly® has been installed with new locations being added every year!

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For more information regarding our solutions and existing bird-safe legislation you can review the resources below:

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Quality Assurance


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Bird-Safe Legislation
and Guidelines


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Canadian Standards Association Bird
Friendly Building Design Standard




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