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Our Team

President George Turjanica

George Turjanica


George was born and raised in Toronto and has remained active in the community ever since. He always had an entrepreneurial spirit and knew that he wanted to have his own business. As a student, he attended school at Etobicoke...

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Vice President Paul Groleau

Paul Groleau

Vice President

With over 20 years of experience in product development, brand management and sales, Paul brings an unparalleled and innovative approach to all aspects of the Feather Friendly® business. Paul’s experience stems...

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Production and Manufacturing Michael Hartland

Michael Hartland

Production and Manufacturing

Michael Hartland is a gifted artist with a passion for perfection. His pursuit of excellence, along with his exceptional skillset, has led him to take on a variety of projects throughout his career.Born and raised in the GTA, Mike can trace his...

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Customer Relations Manager Amber Murphy

Amber Murphy

Customer Relations Manager

Amber Murphy grew up in a small town on the shore of Lake Erie—a town that she loved, but also couldn’t wait to get away from! Her post-secondary education eventually led her to Venezuela where she studied Spanish for...

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