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George Turjanica


George Turjanica

George was born and raised in Toronto and has remained active in the community ever since. He always had an entrepreneurial spirit and knew that he wanted to have his own business. As a student, he attended school at Etobicoke Collegiate and Western Tech, and eventually McMaster University, where he enrolled in an accounting course to learn more about accounting and office management.

George became a partner in a start-up company in the industrial supply business. In 1969, this partnership became one of the first 3M franchises in Toronto to offer a new, innovative product: Scotchtint Sun Control Film.  Although this partnership dissolved, George was determined to continue to sell 3M’s Scotchtint on his own, and officially opened Convenience Products Ltd from his basement in 1974. He spent the next several years cultivating his relationships with 3M, developing a market for this new product and expanding his dealer territory across Ontario.

George’s work ethic, expertise, and leadership skills helped him to train individuals to start their own dealerships. When 3M changed its business model to distribution in 1991, Convenience Products became its national distributor for sun control products. Several companies part of Convenience Products marketed other products centered around energy savings; lighting retrofits, occupancy sensors, etc.  In 1997 George amalgamated these companies under the name the Convenience Group Inc. (CGI), and decided that he would exclusively deal in window film technology for commercial buildings. CGI introduced new and innovative film products to a growing commercial market and earned him the reputation as a window film pioneer within the industry for energy efficient solutions.

George’s knowledge of window film, the window film market and his entrepreneurial spirit kept him well-connected in the industry and well-informed on new developments in technology. In 2005, George met Michael Mesure, the co-founder of FLAP Canada. This meeting sparked a long-lasting relationship and produced an innovative solution to reduce fatal bird collisions. George worked with Michael to create a product that could be applied to windows to prevent bird collisions. This product line became know as Feather Friendly® collision deterrent markers. Feather Friendly worked with FLAP and the City of Toronto to establish the first mandatory bird safe guidelines for glazing on all new construction.

These days, George has stepped back from the day to day operations and he is looking forward to spending time at the cottage with his family and doing some traveling. George is a devoted family man and is a proud father of two daughters and a beloved grandfather to seven grandchildren. He likes to keep busy with his family and enjoys cottaging on Six Mile Lake in Muskoka, where puttering around the cottage is a favourite pastime.

More About  George

How do you feel about where Bird Conservation is currently?

Recently there has been a quickly growing recognition of bird collisions with buildings. Many juristictions have set or are setting mandatory guidelines for bird safe glazing. We need to encourage and promote wider use of these measures wherever glass is used.

What are your hopes for the future of Bird Conservation?

Feather Friendly® has always been innovative and played a leading role in promoting new products and ideas. New products are being developed to expand on multi-use and custom designed films and markers. I’m hopeful that in addition to developing and improving our window film technology, there will be more educational programs and industry partnering. We will continue to do both as part of our conservation efforts.

Favourite bird and why?

I don’t think I have a favourite bird! I maintain several bird feeders and I enjoy all the visitors. However, when I’m at the cottage, I’m partial to the Loon.