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Michael Hartland

Production and Manufacturing

Michael Hartland

Michael Hartland is a gifted artist with a passion for perfection. His pursuit of excellence, along with his exceptional skillset, has led him to take on a variety of projects throughout his career. 

Born and raised in the GTA, Mike can trace his love for art all the way back to childhood. He credits his interest in art to the women in his family, who provided him with a great deal of artistic influence and support. Eventually, Mike decided to pursue art as a career and enrolled in a program at Seneca College, where he spent an immersive three years learning the ins and outs of Graphic Design and Typography. After graduation, Mike was determined to find a position that would challenge and expand his talents. Just two weeks after finishing school, Mike landed a job at the GTA’s iconic Lastman’s Bad Boy Furniture, spending two years as their Junior Designer. This segue into the design world gave Mike valuable experience about his trade and the industry.

Mike joined Feather Friendly® in October 2019 and has taken the bull by the horns with the production and manufacturing of our product. He continues to use his artistic curiosity to learn and grow as part of the Feather Friendly® team.  

More About  Michael

What inspired you to get involved in the important cause of Bird Conservation?

To be perfectly candid, I came into this field completely ignorant to the issue at hand, but with that being said, after the first few weeks (let alone the past six months I’ve been with the company), it became very clear that bird collisions are a serious threat to our ecosystem. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of a company that cares for preserving the lives of the birds and wants to educate the public on the wider effects that bird collisions can have on the environment. I want to continue to share this information with individuals who are as unaware about the issues facing bird conservation as I once was.

How do you feel about where the cause is at?

I feel that bird conservation as a whole has a good base to work with, and also has room for exponential growth. The solution to the problem is a simple one: The more the company grows, the more birds can be saved. An exciting future awaits here at Feather Friendly®!

What are your hopes for the future regarding Bird Conservation?

Eventually, I’d hope for legislation in all major cities to pass laws where bird deterrent window markers are mandatory. I’d also like to see a push for accessibility of educational materials. I think that everyone would benefit from obtaining even a basic knowledge of the issue at hand. By providing easy access to reliable resources, we can help to further education on conservation issues. Finally, I’d love to see our Feather Friendly® DIY product in nature stores all across North America and around the world!

What is your favourite bird and why?

All birds have their own distinct features that make them great; however, if I had to choose just one, it would have to be the Loon because of its beautiful call.