Feather Friendly® is pleased to have cultivated relationships with a variety of Partners across North America. The connections we’ve made with these organizations have allowed Feather Friendly® to participate in events and sponsorships that support bird conservation initiatives in unique and engaging ways. Through product and educational support, collaborative work with our Partners has helped broaden our reach and aligned us with like-minded individuals.

Missouri River Bird Observatory

Missouri River Bird Observatory

The Missouri River Bird Observatory is dedicated to the conservation of birds and all wildlife through science, education, and advocacy.

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Nature Canada

Nature Canada is one of the oldest national nature conservation charities in Canada. For 80 years, Nature Canada has helped protect over 110 million acres of parks and wildlife areas in Canada and countless species. Our mission is to protect and conserve wildlife and their habitats in Canada by engaging people and advocating on behalf of nature. Today, Nature Canada represents a network of over 100,000 members and supporters and more than 900 nature organizations.

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Birds Canada

Birds Canada is the country’s only national organization dedicated to bird conservation. Our mission is to drive action to increase the understanding, appreciation, and conservation of birds in Canada. Every day, our thousands of caring donors, more than 70 passionate staff, and over 70,000 outstanding volunteers are taking action. Together, we are Canada’s voice for birds. Learn more at

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FLAP Canada

Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) Canada is a registered Canadian charity widely recognized as the pre-eminent authority on the bird-building collision issue. For almost 30 years, FLAP Canada has worked tirelessly to safeguard migratory birds in the built environment through advocacy, education, policy development, research, and bird rescue. Together with our network of partners, FLAP Canada reaches tens of thousands of people across the globe each year to promote bird-safe practices and engage citizens in on-the-ground conservation. FLAP Canada works with industry professionals, researchers, wildlife conservation groups, government agencies and members of the public to fulfill our mission of keeping birds safe.

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Safe Wings Ottawa

Safe Wings Ottawa is a program of the Ottawa Field-Naturalists’ Club that aims to reduce bird mortality from window collisions through research, prevention and rescue. Its mission is to learn more about the extent of the problem in Ottawa, raise awareness about the causes of window strikes and to encourage effective solutions.Their volunteers monitor buildings to document collisions, rescue injured birds, and collect dead ones for scientific purposes. They also educate the public and advise owners of commercial, institutional and residential buildings on what they can do to prevent collisions and save birds’ lives using bird-friendly window treatments, architecture and landscaping. Additionally, they offer short-term care for injured birds until they can be released or transferred to the Wild Bird Care Centre for further treatment.

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The Vancouver Avian Research Centre

The Vancouver Avian Research Centre (VARC) is a registered Canadian Charity (#82118 2656 RR0001) devoted to safeguarding birds and their habitats to ensure their long-term survival. Our mission is to nurture nature’s recovery by providing scientific research, action-driven education and conservation initiatives. In this manner, VARC fosters behavioural change in individuals, educational institutions and policymakers. Our vision is an enduring and thriving future for birds and to protect the natural world in the places where we live, work and study. Our theory of change is that by connecting individuals and policymakers to birds, they will become more aware of the impact on wildlife and take action to protect them.

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Urban Wildlife Trust | Kererū Discovery

Urban Wildlife Trust (UWT) is a not-for-profit organization connecting people with urban wildlife through citizen science, technology & social media. Its aim is to help restore, sustain and enhance the mauri of urban nature, and ensure native wildlife is an integral part of people’s daily lives. New Zealand’s nature is what makes them special. Over 80% of New Zealand’s wildlife is found nowhere else on earth. Much ofthis occurs in National Parks and public conservation land away from people.Yet 86% of New Zealander’s live in urban areas. UWT’s mission is to deliver projects, innovation and advice to support the restoration and celebration of indigenous wildlife in towns and cities. Nature is central to creating liveable cities and cities play an important role in supporting nature.

Kererū Discovery NZ is part of UWT and was set up to help with the protection and education of one of New Zealand's most important endemic birds.

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Lights Out Baltimore

Lights Out Baltimore (LOB) is a non-profit project of the Baltimore Bird Club, a chapter of the Maryland Ornithological Society. LOB works with the city and local organizations to reduce light pollution and advocate for sustainable building design.Their goal is to make Baltimore safe for migratory birds by turning off decorative lighting between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. during peak migration months andadvocating for bird-safe building design to make glass and windows visible to birds. Each migration season, volunteers walk downtown Baltimore to rescue injured birds from collisions and collect the dead. Injured birds are taken to Phoenix Wildlife Center and dead birds are taken to Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and John Hopkins University School of Medicine for research.

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Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi Haute-Côte-Nord

The Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi Haute-Côte-Nord is a non-profit organisation that works with youth and young adults to help them in their social and professional life. One of the services they offer is project development. The project Save the birds on the North shore of the St. Lawrence is funded and supported by this organisation.

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Tadoussac Bird Observatory (OOT)

The Tadoussac Bird Observatory (OOT) is mainly a research program. Its mission is to acquire data on migratory bird populations and more particularly on boreal species, in order to assess their demographic trends. The Observatory also aims to train ornithologists as well as raise awareness and educate the general public about the phenomenon of migration, the ecology of the boreal forest and the bird populations that depend on it.

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Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation

Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation (AIWC) provides rescue and rehabilitation services for injured wildlife as well as wildlife education.

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Indiana Audubon Society

The Indiana Audubon Society (IAS) is the oldest conservation organization continuously operating in Indiana, and is an independent statewide organization that predates the National Audubon Society. Their mission is to stimulate interest in birds and their protection; to serve the needs of youth, civic, church, schools and other groups by providing information concerning birds; and to educate the public concerning the necessity for conserving and preserving Indiana’s natural heritage, its unique flora and fauna. IAS is dedicated to fostering the appreciation of migrant and resident bird species that are present in Indiana and other regional areas of the world.  The organization also strives to support educational efforts that will promote future generations continuing this tradition

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Chicago Ornithological Society

All things birds in the Second City! Chicago Ornithological Society is an all volunteer run organization at the forefront of all things birds in the Chicago region since 1912. From expert guided trips to cutting edge science to avenues for action, we bring together bird enthusiasts of all ages, experience levels, and backgrounds to share our love of birds and further their conservation.

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Pelee Island Bird Observatory

The Pelee Island Bird Observatory is a non-profit charitable organisation devoted to the study and conservation of birds. The observatory conducts intensive migration monitoring research and breeding bird studies on Pelee Island from April to November. PIBO’s field station at Fish Point Provincial Nature Reserve is open to the public in the spring and autumn, with educational programs provided to visiting school groups throughout the month of May. PIBO’s purpose is to collect and disseminate data that will help the Canadian Migration Monitoring Network that is working to understand changes taking place in the populations of migratory birds.

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Elk Root Conservation 

At Elk Root Conservation, our vision is a thriving fish, wildlife and human population in the Slocan Valley and Little Slocan River watershed that is functioning and sustainable. Our not-for-profit mission is to protect, restore and enhance fish and wildlife habitat by example through boots-on-the-ground habitat conservation projects and by offering inclusionary and inspiring learning opportunities through research, innovation, and hands-on education at Elk Root Conservation’s Educational Demonstration Gardens.  Our educational workshops focus on ecological stewardship, wildlife conservation & habitat restoration, honey bee wellness & wild pollinator gardens, sustainability, regenerative ‘beyond’ organic gardening, biodiverse farming practices and local food security.

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Green Venture

Green Venture is a community-based, non-profit organization which empowers Hamiltonians to implement greener practices in their home and community to make our city a climate champion. We directly engage and support 15,000 residents of all ages every year. Green Venture’s strategic priorities are to: 1. Reduce climate vulnerability and impacts in our community by supporting the implementation of lot-level green infrastructure which filters water and reduces runoff, 2. Engage residents to make their day to day lives greener to reduce emissions, and 3. Work with Hamilton youth to drive climate action. Green Venture has established EcoHouse, a 150-year-old historic farmhouse on a two-acre property, featuring sustainable living displays, native species gardens, a community garden, seed library, and three rain gardens.

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Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation

Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation (LSWR) is a registered charity based in Saskatoon, SK, Canada.  We specialize in rehabilitating birds and small mammals with the specific goal of returning these animals back to their natural environment and giving them a second chance. 

Our Vision is “a balanced relationship with our wild neighbours based upon respect and appreciation.”

Our Mission is “to provide a safe place for injured and orphaned wild animals to grow and mend until they can return to their natural habitat while encouraging public tolerance and understanding of wildlife.”

Our Philosophy is essentially “if you care enough to rescue and bring in the animal, we will put in the time and energy to rehabilitate it.”  Therefore we accept all wild animals brought to us, regardless of age, species, color, attitude, origin, injury, or need.  

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Bexar Audubon Society

Bexar Audubon Society was formed in 1983 as National Audubon Society members in Bexar County decided that our area needed a local chapter to represent the ideals of environmental protection reflected in the newly formed national organization’s mission. BAS continues the legacy of our earlier leaders in protecting habitat for birds and bringing ideas and awareness about our natural environment to both the general public and agencies throughout the area.
Vision Statement
We are a diverse and supportive community that values our natural world and works together to ensure a healthy habitat for birds, other wildlife, and people.
Mission Statement
Our mission is to promote the conservation of habitat for birds, other wildlife, and people; support National Audubon Society’s efforts; and encourage responsible local action through education, research, and advocacy.

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Feather Friendly® Ambassadors are a dedicated group of dynamic educators, bird-lovers, professionals and individuals who work to raise awareness about bird collisions and conservation issues. Many of our Ambassadors are well-established and respected members of the birding community who devote much of their time to window collision education by showcasing products and services, like Feather Friendly®, to help consumers live a bird-friendly lifestyle.

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Birding by Bus

Marc and Eliana’s passion for birds, conversation and the environment serve as inspiration for their social media platform, “Birding by Bus,” which documents not only their personal conservation initiatives, but also their love of the natural world. The duo regularly participates in birding festivals and leads birding tours throughout the United States and abroad. Their mission to discover the diverse bird populations and wild habitats of North America has led them on a 25,000-mile road trip across the United States in their 1978 VW Bus. When they’re not travelling, you can find Marc and Eliana in Miami, Florida, where they have an extensive native plant and butterfly garden, which has attracted over 100 different bird species to date! This native plant garden supports both the local and migrating bird populations that pass through the city, and they’re passionate about making their space birdsafe.

Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Centre

Salthaven is committed to rescuing and rehabilitating injured, sick and orphaned animals and operates two centres in Ontario and Saskatchewan. Brian Salt, Salthaven’s founder, is certified by the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWRC) in Advanced Clinical Pathology. He takes pride in providing quality animal care and is an active member of the National Wildlife Rehabilitation Association (NWRA) and the International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators (IAATE). Salthaven’s volunteers undergo specialized training to repair wings, broken bones, and assist animals in rebuilding their strength. Salthaven practices bird-friendly advocacy through not only leading by example, but also offering educational resources.



Brendon Samuels

Brendon Samuels is a PhD student in the Department of Biology at Western University. He is conducting research on how the avian visual system contributes to the risk of bird-window collisions. Brendon holds a Master of Science in neuroscience and a Bachelor of Science in psychology. Brendon is interested in identifying the physical features of window treatments that lead to successful visual detection and avoidance by birds to improve the overall understanding of pre-collision behaviour. Brendon is currently working on developing new methods for simulating bird-window collisions and studying the occurrence of collisions at real buildings. Brendon volunteers with Fatal Light Awareness Program, FLAP Canada and other organizations in the environmental sector, and advocates for policies to address the bird-window collision issues at both the local and provincial level.


Sustainability Champion Award: Brendon Samuels, PhD student at Western University

Recognized for his extensive environmental work in the community including helping London become a bird-friendly city and educating students about biodiversity and climate change mitigation.

Heidi Trudell

Heidi Trudell is a biologist turned bird safe building consultant who has focused on anthropogenic causes of bird mortality since 2003. Her work spans from wind farms in Texas to windows in IL and MI, with consulting projects as far away as Korea. Her passion for bird conservation has led her to serve on Safe Passage committees for the Bird Center of Washtenaw County, Washtenaw Audubon, Detroit Audubon, and Black Swamp Bird Observatory. To learn more about her work, find her at and her Facebook groups: Just Save Birds, and Dead Birds 4 Science!



Our connection with reputable Associations has provided Feather Friendly® with an expansive network of initiatives and outreach which support international bird conservation efforts. This group enables scientists, conservationists, bird watchers and concerned citizens to ignite change by advocating for bird-friendly policies and guidelines within their communities. Feather Friendly® is honoured to share our products and resources with these Associations.