Cast vs. Calendered

Not All Vinyl is Created Equal

When deciding on a bird collision deterrent product, there are two components that are often not discussed, but should always be considered: durability and longevity.

Most, if not all, bird collision deterrant products are converted from sheet vinyl (PVC) and involves two basic manufacturing methods: cast or calendered. Final products may feel and look similar, but the differences in durability and longevity are substantial:

  • Cast vinyl is a premium product that won’t discolour, shrink or delaminate; it has an expected serviceable life of 10+ years.
  • Calendered vinyl is used for short-term applications and will start to degrade in three to five years.

The true value of the product being used should meet high standards as it relates to maintenance, long-term appearance and expected serviceable life.


Cast vs Calendered Lifespan

Using Cast Vinyl for your Project

Coupled with a premium exterior adhesive, a cast vinyl outdoor marker, stripe or printed design film should provide maintenance-free service for 10+ years (quality exterior UV inks must be used). Product cost is not necessarily the most expensive component of a project; labour for installation can raise your price, particularly when considering access equipment, additional labour, etc. In addition to durability and longevity, the following should always be considered when establishing criteria for a successful project:

  • Marker spacing
  • Colour contrast
  • All technical requirements as specified through bird collision guideline.

When deciding on a bird deterrent collision product, be sure to insist on a product that gives you the long-term performance that is required. Manufacturers such as Oracle and others go into further detail on manufacturing procedures and the difference between cast and calendered on their websites. Feather Friendly® uses only premium grade cast vinyl in both its DIY and Commercial products. For more information on Feather Friendly® Bird Deterrent Technology, please contact us here.