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“This was easy to put up on sliding glass doors where I had heard birds hit the glass."

- Marilyn Smith

Lawrence, KS

“After applying your product I'm happy to say there have been no more bird collisions into my windows. It was easy to apply and doesn't inhibit the view through the windows. Thank you."

- John Ickes

“We have installed the Feather Friendly commercial application product a month ago on all the windows of our house and we are very happy with it. We installed it ourselves and it went smoothly. It’s a comfort to know it’s working since we haven’t had a window strike since (they used to be daily occurrences). We are still enjoying our wonderful outside views and doing our part in preventing bird collisions. We highly recommend Feather Friendly."

- Isabelle and Kevin

Dunrobin, ON

"Ordered this product more than a month ago. For years we experienced many fatal bird strikes. We applied Feather Friendly tape. It took several days to apply to all our picture windows. It was so worth it! Only had two strikes in several weeks, but none fatal. Birds are realizing as they approach the windows and slow their flight. Most have enough time to avoid collision and if not are slow enough to avoid injury or death. So very happy with this product. Thank you."

- Terri Emery-Lloyd

Prince George, BC

“My husband and I have used the tape on our 4x8 picture windows that look out on our very green, partially shady backyard. We used to have several fatal bird hits per week. Now we only have 4 or 5 a year, mostly White-winged Doves flying in a panic to avoid the Cooper's Hawks that live nearby. Where our eyes look through the window to the shadier areas of the yard, we don't see the reflector dots unless we search for them. We do see them where the background light is bright, but, really, we see past them without any issues at all."

- S Morrison

Houston, TX

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"Well this has been a long time coming (and we're still not totally finished), but here are photos of the dots on the house's worst-offending area. I'm happy to say that we haven't had any stunned/killed birds since finishing this area a few months ago. You can see why this has been a problem - lots of reflections in the middle of the woods!"

"We really feel bad for these thrushes that seem to be hitting pretty hard and often, and shudder when we think of the fact that this place has been sitting here with this problem since 1977 :( "

- George B

Woodside CA

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“I walk the perimeter of the pool at least once a day. We’ve had no bird kills since markers were installed. We’re very impressed with the results.”

- Tom & Gail F.

“As promised I am sending you photos of our windows with bird dots by Feather friendly on them. They really don't ruin our view and we already witnessed a bird swerving last minute as it was flying towards the window at high speed. The dots saved its life…We are very pleased and proud to have done this to our windows....it will save bird lives. Thanks again for your great product and wonderful customer support.”

- Gabriele and Mark Elms

“On our windows we were getting bird strikes and we felt pretty badly about that so we contacted Feather Friendly, and their product has reduced bird strikes on our windows to ZERO! Their bird strike deterrent is very simple to put up. The thing I like about them is that you can hardly see them from the inside because your focus is going beyond the glass. But from the outside the birds can see them like beacons and it waves them away before they collide with the window."

- Brian Salt, Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

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“Love our window “dots”! Some photos attached. Not one bird strike this year. Yay!"

- Linda M



"I was a tad leery and not 100% sure these would work on our many picture windows. The first evening I was so glad I could see outside and not the dots. Good riddance to the snow flake static window clings I had been using for years which impeded our view and were only a minimal deterrent to collisions.
I am so impressed, I am ordering 3 more rolls today ! "

- Louise MH

Kingscote, ON

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