United States

US Federal Government: The Bird-Safe Buildings Act (2019) (Bill pending Mandatory) 

As of July 2021, this act has passed the US House of Representatives and has been passed along to the Committee on Environment and Public Works in the Senate.

The Act, which was introduced in 2019, and passed by the U.S. House of Representatives in 2020, amends title 40, United States Code, to direct the Administrator of General Services to incorporate bird-safe building materials and design features into public buildings, and for other purposes.

  • The Act states:

    • At least 90 percent of the exposed facade material from ground level to 40 feet should not be composed of glass.

    • Or, in the case of glass, buildings must use material to reduce bird collisions and maintain visual clarity, such as secondary facades, netting, screens, shutters, and exterior shades, or (UV) patterned glass visible to birds.

    • All patterns on glass must be designed in accordance with the ‘2 × 4 rule’; use opaque, etched, stained, frosted, or translucent glass.

    • It is also acceptable to utilize a combination of the methods to prevent window collision.
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