Ambassador Feature: Birding by Bus

Posted August 19th 2020

Ambassador Feature: Birding by Bus

Marc and Eliana from Birding by Bus with their 1978 VW Bus.

Posted August 19th 2020

Ambassador Feature: Birding by Bus

What have you been doing to keep yourself busy this summer? Whether you’ve picked up a new hobby, fired up the BBQ, or tried to soak up a little extra Vitamin D, we hope you’ve had an amazing summer!

So far, we’ve been hard at work packaging and shipping our Feather Friendly® products, which we’ve sent all across North America to bird lovers, conservationists, and concerned citizens who are on a mission to make their homes and offices bird-safe.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to incorporate bird friendly practices into your day-to-day routine, keep reading to find out how one of our amazing ambassadors, Birding by Bus, has spent the summer making their home safe for birds!

Meet Eliana and Marc: The Nature Loving Couple Behind Birding by BusBirding by Bus logo

This month, Feather Friendly® is proud to feature Eliana and Marc, the duo behind Birding by Bus. Their passion for nature is evident in their professional lives, where Marc enjoys working as a veterinarian that specializes in the medical care of birds, reptiles and exotic pets, and Eliana divides her time between working as a birding tour guide, biologist, photographer, veterinary technician and ceramicist. Marc and Eliana’s passion for birds, conversation and the environment became the inspiration behind their social media platform, “Birding by Bus,” which documents not only their personal conservation initiatives, but also their love of the natural world. Together, they participate in birding festivals and lead birding tours throughout the United States and abroad!

The couple’s love of the environment inspired them to embark on a 25,000-mile road trip across the United States, which took them from Florida to Alaska in their 1978 VW Bus. Their mission was simple: they wanted to discover the diverse bird populations and wild habitats of North America. These seasoned travellers have a flair for adventure and love birding at local trails, paddling a kayak through the mangroves or exploring a distant land. Eliana and Marc are captivated by the thrill that comes with learning about new cultures and discovering natural spaces.

How Birding by Bus Keeps Things Bird-Safe at Home



When they’re not travelling, you can find Marc and Eliana in Miami, Florida, where you’ll undoubtedly spot them using their binoculars, camera, or trusty spotting scope to keep an eye on the birds in their yard – the duo has created an extensive native plant and butterfly garden, which has attracted over 100 different bird species to date! This native plant garden supports both the local and migrating bird populations that pass through the city. Because their yard serves as a welcome refuge for so many birds, Marc and Eliana sought out Feather Friendly® window markers to make their space bird-safe.

They’ve been using Feather Friendly® markers on their windows since 2017 and have been thrilled by the results! In fact, the couple reached out to Feather Friendly® to help them complete a special project on their home this summer.

Join the Feather Friendly® Flock!

Follow Birding by Bus on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about birding and wild habitats! This summer, Marc and Eliana have taken on a new DIY project by installing new hurricane windows and doors on their home, which they plan to make bird-safe with Feather Friendly® DIY tape! Our high-quality window markers use cast vinyl for excellent longevity and durability to withstand a variety of weather conditions and to reduce the risk of bird collisions. Join Marc and Eliana in making your home bird-safe by purchasing a Feather Friendly® DIY kit today. For tips on installation, information on bird conservation and to learn more about Feather Friendly® products, visit our store or send us an e-mail!

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