Give Birds a Chance: Protect Home/Cottage, Greenhouse & Deck Windows

Posted July 4th 2019

Give Birds a Chance: Protect Home/Cottage, Greenhouse & Deck Windows

Posted July 4th 2019

Give birds a chance: Protect home/cottage windows, greenhouses and decking now

As a cottage or home owner you choose where you want to live, work and play. If you are drawn to a natural setting it is likely because you have an appreciation for nature but have you stopped to think how your finishing choices might be impacting the natural world around you?

Feather Friendly® have commercial and residential solutions where depending on the size of the project our installers can assist you to have it completed. We also offer complete DIY options.

In this project pictured above, our customer in Ottawa had a problem with bird / window collisions on his property so he ordered our product to fix the problem.

He has a huge solarium, and although he had done one window with the Feather Friendly® DIY kit, decided that he didn’t want to spend the time doing the rest so he gave our installer CSS Films a call. With beautiful trees on his property the birds were at risk so we are glad he took care of this as soon as he could.

The customer is happy with the result of this project and of course, we are too. It turned out beautifully. Thanks CSS Films.

What you need to know:

Reflective windows on a house, solarium and sunrooms, as well as fly through zones (such as in clear deck railing systems and greenhouses) need to be treated to prevent bird collisions resulting in deaths.

According to the Canadian Wildlife Federation, 1 and 10 birds will collide with buildings. Daytime collisions impact the most birds especially in cottage and rural areas where window reflections of the sky or trees/forest confuse birds. FLAP Canada ornithologists can now identify collisions with human-built structures to be a leading cause of death for birds in North America. Every year, approximately 25 million birds fatally collide into the windows of homes, offices, stores, cottages and buildings in Canada. Sadly this is preventable.

Our Customer:

This particular customer was very knowledgable about the impact of large spaces of glass windows on the natural habitat. We thank him and all our customers for fixing the issue and saving pointless bird deaths.

About Feather Friendly®

Feather Friendly® was developed as a solution to save birds from window collisions approximately twelve years ago and is on its 8th generation. Feather Friendly® headquarters are Toronto, Ontario which happens to be centred in a migratory bird path and has experienced significant fatalities due to glass buildings. Toronto was the first city in the world to create Safe Building Bylaws in bird conservation and Feather Friendly® helped to establish these new bylaws. In the twelve years, we have sold our solution globally with great success in reducing and eliminating bird collisions. We are proud to be endorsed by leading bird conservation organizations. 

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Side Window Protection

Feather Friendly® dotted window markers on side of house.

Feather Friendly® dotted window markers on side of house close up.





We are honoured to form partnerships with organizations who demonstrate
an ongoing commitment to bird conservation.

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